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Paris plane passenger flown back to Lahore while asleep

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I find this story quite unbelievable but possible. How could the airplane staff miss a person sleeping in a seat at landing? And now the traveller risks having to pay for the trip again!!! It’s a good idea to ask someone to wake you up when you are getting near your destination whilst travelling. I almost always do that when travelling by bus…they are soo sleepinducing.

BBC News – Paris plane passenger flown back to Lahore while asleep.

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September 4, 2012 at 10:34 am

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Brain Training Games

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Brain Age 2

In the article: 7 Ways to Improve Your Memory and Keep Your Brain Young by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross the author recommends word games such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku to help strengthen cognitive abilities. I remember watching people getting caught in the Sudoku craze a few years ago and thinking “What’s the point ?”.  I find it easier to understand the pleasure in completing a crossword puzzle.  I eventually warmed up to solving Sudoku in the Metro whilst travelling on the London underground. I used to test myself to see if all could do three in xyz stops because it helped me to stay awake on the train. Trains are dark, warm and it’s seductively easy to fall asleep, and before you know it you have missed your stop by 5 stations.

Brain Challenge

I enjoyed playing Brain Age 2 on Nintendo DS for a while but after some time the game began to feel stale and I change to Brain Challenge. While I was playing these games I was extremely sleep deprived but I managed to concentrate on the game for short periods of time, which with time grew longer i.e. my concentration span increased slowly.

Brain Challenge felt newer and contained more games. It was also more vibrant and fun.  Next I tried MyWordCoach. It is probably the Nintendo “Brain training” game that I have enjoyed the most because you are actively increasing your vocabulary so it’s useful in everyday life too. As I started to recover, I eventually stopped playing completely naturally but not after having completed Lego Batman and GTA: Chinatown. The “brain training” games have now become more sophisticated for example Nintendo’s  Zenses series.

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November 26, 2010 at 11:52 am