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BBC News – ‘Child behaviour link’ to snoring

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1 in 10 children snore regurlarly. Scientists have linked snoring i.e. disturbed sleep such as sleep apneoa etc which restricts oxygen uptake in the brain and can result in interrupting the “restorative processes” of sleep or disrupting the balance of brain chemicals. Symptoms in young children such as disturbed night time sleep result in “unruly” behaviour/hyperactivity.

I find it strange that parents who have children that are active/lively in their sleep doesn’t link it to the reason why their day time behaviour is unusual or extreme. It makes perfect sense to me. Could it be bordering on parental neglect not to notice the symptoms at night?

I have been told by friends that many children in the UK with narcolepsy has been/was diagnosed with ADHD or similar hyperactivity condition before getting a correct diagnosis by a sleep specialist. Then on top of that the medication prescribed for both conditions is the same if not very similar. Seriously, how can they be so closely linked and so different?

BBC News – ‘Child behaviour link’ to snoring.


Written by Queen of Sleep

March 5, 2012 at 4:21 pm

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