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Counting Green plastic sheep on Motorway

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Frantic callers reported seeing green sheep on the Shoreham A27 roundabout around November 24 last year. They thought the sheep were real in spite of being painted bright green to avoid confusion. The local councillors initially said they had no idea where the sheep had come from and decided to pen them in with temporary road works signs (which I think make them all look absolutely ridiculous as if they are radioactive, ha!ha!)

Later West Sussex reported that the sheep are part of a sponsorship scheme to promote The South Downs National Park.

UK idiocy: Green plastic sheep penned in by council | Weird World News. This story is a few months old but it amusing how sculpture art can evoke such a reaction. Perhaps the drivers were colour-blind? Perhaps some people thought that the sheep had been taken by aliens and returned to earth? Perhaps they were aliens? Or Irish sheep? Then to make the story even funnier the council penned them in so they would not confuse drivers with the real thing.  This art installation has been seriously misunderstood but isn’t that what all artists crave that the world interacts with their art? If so, well done to whoever made the sheep to promote South Downs National Park! It worked!


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February 9, 2012 at 8:57 am

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