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Rate your local GP on NHS Choices website

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I have not been writing for a while as I have been busy moving from London into the English countryside. It’s all in the name of improving my health, reducing my stress levels and oh yeah, for love! Today I am looking to register with a new local GP. How do you know if your nearest GP, or any GP’s in the neighbourhood have any experience of treating patients with neurological conditions? There should be a list online of the GP’s strengths (weaknesses too but that might be too controversal and not very conducive. I have registered on recommendation in the past and unfortunately it didn’t work out very well (I had to diagnose myself before the GP would refer me to a neurologist). It feels as if it will be a lottery – I wonder what my odds of finding a good match will be?  My last GP recommended me to shop around for a GP until I had found a good one. I have also found a rating GP site on the NHS Choices website – just insert your postcode and you will be able to read and rate GP’s in your area. If we all wrote reviews – it would/could save a lot of time for new patients looking for a good local GP.

Written by Queen of Sleep

October 14, 2011 at 9:17 am

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