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Despite Having Doctors Under Investigation – Atos Healthcare’s Contract with Government Extended for Another 3 Years – Plus Atos Update

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A few days ago, I was not surprised to read that GMC (General Medical Council) is investigating the conduct of 12 Atos Healthcare Doctors in The Observer (Atos doctors could be struck off | Politics | The Observer).

Every year I have to attend an interview for Atos reassess my situation. As I am in the process of moving away from London to a much smaller city in the UK, I scheduled my new appointment for 2011  there (new city) and 3 days after I had received the details of my new appointment, I got another letter saying that they had reviewed my file and at this point in time I do not need to attend an examination. For the first time, they seem to take the letters from specialist doctors seriously and I find it such a relief because of previous experiences I get so anxious and stressed before and during appointments with Atos – London. This time i found out that they have changed the number of times you can reschedule you appointment. You used to be able to reschedule it 3 times but now you can only reschedule once. It’s tricky because it is essential that I bring someone who really knows me for the examination as I tend to freeze up, panic and sometimes give inaccurate facts because I get so nervous and the doctors in general are mean, don’t listen and misdiagnose. This is true at least in my case. So, if the appointment I make does not match my carers then I have to reschedule. They are also only able to reschedule 7 weeks forward if you need a date beyond your out of luck. I have been advised on many occasion to call back on the day just before the appointment and reschedule and it works! So I rescheduled my first appointment this year, then Atos rescheduled 2 appointments s after that I thought that I was within my rights to reschedule one more time to my new location, and they let me.

I have been ranting on and on about Atos because, from my point of view, it is a poorly run organisation with under-qualified and rude staff.

You might already have read previous posts about my visits to the local branch of Atos. If not you can catch up here:
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Relevant Websites: Atos Healthcare



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August 21, 2011 at 9:51 pm

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