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Pregnancy and Narcolepsy: A Survey

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Narcolepsy Network and  Sara Kowalczyk (Ma Mph) are studying women’s perceptions of managing past, current, and/or future pregnancies with narcolepsy. All women with narcolepsy and/or idiopathic hypersomnia are invited to participate in this preliminary survey. The Survey: Narcolepsy and Pregnancy will only take 10-20 min – and the more women that participate the more credible and clear the results. No information or data from individuals will be published in a way that can identify a specific person.
The inital “pilot” data that will  be used to write an article for the NN website and newsletter.  This data will also be used to form a larger, more comprehensive research study. More information.

Don’t forget to visit Narcolepsy Network’s website for information on News and Events. This year the annual conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada (14-16 October 2011). I would love to go not just because of the conference but because it is a brilliant place to hold a narcolepsy conference, as long as you don’t let the demon of gambling catch you ;), the casinos are doing their best at keeping you awake (to gamble obviously). No windows, oxygen pumped into the casinos and visits the oxygen bars for a top-up and massage helped me stay awake a great deal when I visited last.  On top of holding the conference in Las Vegas, Narcolepsy Network are also celebrating 25 years of supporting the narcolepsy community in the US and worldwide!  A seriously well deserved congratulations to NN!


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