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‘NHS reform is safe’ – Andrew Lansley makes private plea for Tory support | Politics | The Guardian

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‘NHS reform is safe’ – Andrew Lansley makes private plea for Tory support | Politics | The Guardian.

What an odd and contradictory situation! Is this what happens when the Tories are trying to push through a reform and have to compromise? Or are they compromising? Langsley says that no red line has been crossed and encourage Tory MP’s to support the amendments whereas Nick Clegg is celebrating a victory over the conservatives and call it muscular liberalism all the while the conservatives are sulphurously celebrating the new reform . GP’s will be handling 65% of the NHS budget deciding who will be approved for medical treatments. What will happen to decisions on orphan drugs? Do they have the expertise to be able to decide on them? From my point of view, it appears that the post-code lottery (depending on the area you live in = quality of GP) that exists in the UK in terms of the quality of care you are able to receive on the NHS is just getting worse. I had to fight for a referral to a my neurologist, my GP didn’t listen. Would the same GP have provided the recommended medication regime? Somehow, if I had stayed with this particular GP: I don’t think so!

And, we still don’t know what and how the position of  specialist research hospitals in relation to the PG Consortiae …


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June 14, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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