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Campaigners warn over incapacity benefit changes

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BBC News – Campaigners warn over incapacity benefit changes.This report is not a day too late. I have to go to attend an interview every 6month-1 year. It might not be very often but I associate the whole experience with extreme stress. Atos Medical Care Team as “professionals” who do not listen and the whole process normally sets back my progress with 3-6months.The more I attend the interviews the more I find out. This time I found that you can ask to be seen by a female or male doctor. I asked for a female doctor as they in general (in my case) have better communication skills and it helps me remain reasonably calm i.e. I don’t get a cataplexy or panic attack.

The form does not fit narcolepsy so it’s impossible to fill in. The doctors do not read the material from experts that I bring with me. In general, I doesn’t seem to matter what a specialist doctor or professor recommends because as long as you can lift your arm and hear from one end of the room you are able to work. I am not surprised that people are stressed. And yet I understand that the government is trying to get people back into work but is this really the way forward? Especially for people with mental health issues? I have spent time with the local mental health service – whilst they were trying to figure out if I had a mental health problem (how funny!). Everybody knows that lack of sleep will bring on hallucinations and living with narcolepsy is often extremely stressful and in itself can potentially push you towards an unstable mental health. Especially in a situation where (Atos interview) you are ignored and treated as if you were a number in a queue. Unfortunately, it’s always the people that are in most need that will suffer the most and the people that know how to  “work the system” that will manage.

The Guardian is also headlining the topic: Mental health experts warn against pace of incapacity benefit cuts, whereas The Times writes about elderly care and the Daily Telegraph covers E.coli and cucumbers.

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Wish you all a lovely morning and a lovely summer!

Written by Queen of Sleep

June 1, 2011 at 8:20 am

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