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Learning to Balance Routines and Spring Sunshine

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The hyacinth gives off a lovely stimulating scent - perfect to help you wake up or focus.

It makes me so happy to see sun (spring) arrive and with summer  around the corner I feel “invincible”. The increased hours of sunshine makes a lot of difference to energy levels and to be perfectly honest I have been getting so carried away that some of my routines have slipped. I didn’t notice it at first but quite soon it became apparent that the quality of my sleep started to deteriorate. The last week has been really tough because I have only been able to “sleep” (to my knowledge) 1,5 hours maximum at a time and my body has starting to ache again. I started to  overestimate how much energy I have available over X amount of time. I also have been drinking coffee, diet coke and eating sweets and cakes.  I started to get so distracted by socialising  that my gym routine fell away.

It’s pretty clear that once the (healthy) routines are tinkered with, it affects the quality of sleep at night and from there the snow ball just gets larger and larger…I am, however,  not going back. Yesterday, I said goodbye to a friend at the train station and I realised straight away that I couldn’t be around crowds of people because the cataplexy electricity surged around badly in my head so that it felt as if I had mini explosions going off in my head every 2-3 minutes. I knew I shouldn’t have left the house yesterday (but I refuse to let it take over my life).

Diet CokeIt makes me cross that I have to reduce my coffee consumption. It’s easy for me not to drink. I don’t smoke and I am not into drugs. I love coffee. Decaf  is not at all an option, it tastes funny. I rather not drink coffee at all.

Right now, action and effort is required to get me back on track! Have realistic goals and start lightly to make lasting changes. I think that no coffee and no Diet coke (this is so bad for me! – I might even write a post on just HOW evil Diet Coke is – to get myself motivated) after 6pm, is a good start.


Written by Queen of Sleep

May 25, 2011 at 10:57 am

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