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European Narcolepsy Day & World Sleep Day- 18th March

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European Narcolepsy Day: CataplexyPosted a day too late, apologies ……The first European Narcolepsy Day was celebrated on the 18th of March 2010 as an initiative of the European Narcolepsy Network and under the patronage of the European Sleep Research Society. I found an educational animation from 2010 called Alice and Narcolepsy. You can still download it here. The day was celebrated yesterday in a few european countries particularly the Netherlands and France. In the UK, it was Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day where the nation comes together to transform lives in the UK and Africa. It’s only celebrated every two years so perhaps next year the UK can celebrate European Narcolepsy Day? What about taking turns? As far as I know it’s been dead quiet in the media about European Narcolepsy day and World Sleep Day 2011 in the United Kingdom. When it was set up last year the aim of European Narcolepsy Day was to increase awareness and together strive for a better understanding of narcolepsy to bring forward the scientific knowledge, develop new treatments and create acceptance of this condition in society.

World Sleep Day 2011  “Sleep Well, Grow Healthy”. have now reached the third World Sleep Day event organized by the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM).  WASM aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of these disorders.

Is it a coincidence that European Narcolepsy Day and World Sleep Day is celebrated on the same day? isn’t it also ironic that both days are celebrated in silence in the UK? Perhaps the organisers watched Comic Relief on TV and had a cataplexy attack/sleep attack? (lol)

On a more serious note: World Sleep Day’s organisers The World Association of Sleep Medicine declares that sleepiness and sleeplessness are a global epidemic that threaten health and quality of life. Isn’t it about time that we started to take, not just narcolepsy but, all sleep disorders a little more seriously in the UK and the rest of the world?

If you know of any event or media reporting European Narcolepsy Day or World Sleep Day in the UK please email or comment.

Narcolepsy UK Narcolepsy UK have some information on European Narcolepsy Day on their front page (scroll down! to see the link to a press-release).


Written by Queen of Sleep

March 19, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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