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Lack of sleep can make you overly optimistic: study – The Independent

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Oxygen Bar

An example of an Oxygen Bar

A friend emailed me the link to the article below, today. It’s a spin-off on the research from the study by Duke University researchers in North Carolina and Singapore that I posted information on earlier in the week. You can find the original article in the journal “Neuroscience”.

Lack of sleep can make you overly optimistic: study – Health & Families, Life & Style – The Independent.

I find this type of research very interesting as I am fascinated by, not only what we can do to keep ourselves awake and focussed on what business does to keep us gambling, shopping i.e. spending money. The article above mentions some of the tactics used by casinos such as “… flashing lights and ringing slot machines encourage gamblers to keep going until their money is gone.”

Many casinos also pump in additional oxygen in to the ventilation system and keep the casino devoid of natural sunlight. All this keeps the brain overloaded with sensory information, additional oxygen and in a confusing state whether it’s day or night-time.

Personally, Las Vegas and gambling generates mixed feelings. In moderation and for a day or two, within a set budget, gambling is fun, especially in a glamorous casino. However, quite quickly, I start to think the money lost, families implicated and lives addicted to gambling. The amount of electricity used in Las Vegas during one day is mind-blowing and apparently could feed an entire village in an impoverished place in the world. The reality of gambling and excess slowly becomes increasingly nauseating and grotesque. However, I stayed awake for much longer than normally, had more energy and obviously also more fun. I got a massage and tried oxygen flavoured with strawberry and apple – that kept me going for at least another three hours. Perhaps, I should try that keep a small oxygen tank with me for emergencies! Where could I get one?

Returning to the article: It makes total sense that  when it in relation to gambling that the more tired you are the more likely you are to make decisions based on impulse because it is difficult to focus and  the “just one last time before I go home – I can feel it I will win.” mentality keeps tired people gambling, loosing and addicted. I wouldn’t call it overly optimistic but delusional!


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March 11, 2011 at 3:52 pm

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