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My pharmacy drives me to cataplexy again!

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The last week and a half  has been a real challenge for me. Firstly, my landlady decides to fix the mould problem in my flat which involves rebuilding part of a wall and repainting it. I have been informed that whole process will approximately take a week, minimum. In order to facilitate the renovation I decided to move out and stay with a friend because I cannot cope with living and sleeping in the same area as 3-4 builders for X amount of time. If I needed to nap, I would have to sleep in my bed and they would have to work around me. I have already tried that twice and it completely stressed me out.

During this time I also managed to mismanage my prescriptions so they got completely out of sync with each other which in turn lead to 1 day without clomipramine. My pharmacy always have to especially order it because apparently it is a quite old medication and my mg is unusual. It always adds another day to the process. All in all with synced medication it takes me 5 days to renew my meds. It is totally crazy but I pray it will stop soon so I can regulate the arrangement. This time when I went into pick up the clomipramine I was shaky and stressed out – did I mention I had gastric flu too? well I was on the last couple of days of the lurgy (not recommended:)). I asked the attendant if he knew of any mild painkillers for my stomach as it was still hurting. He looked surprised! He didn’t know what gastric flu was!

My mind went racing 100km/hour in a second and I became flabbergasted. How could he not know what it was! There and then I drop. It takes 2 seconds and I find myself clinging on to the counter for dear life. The upper half my body is straight on top of the glass counter and the electrical currents are surging around and around in my brain. I try to catch my breath, try to calm myself down. At that moment they ask if they should call and ambulance. And then they ask again and again. After a couple of minutes I manage to scream in a falsetto voice I have never come across before: NO!

How many times I have I not been in this pharmacy and had an attack? They already know that this happens and they have seen it numerous times before….but always the same reaction! Fortunately, the dispensing pharmacist says: Just let her be for a moment. As poor customer service is a trigger for me, I am running out of patience with this pharmacy. Next time I will try another one and explain in advance that this might happen when I am particularly vulnerable.

I am the only normal person in this situation (lol), obviously, and the assistants are just unprofessional with the memory of a teflon pan. Perhaps I should tattoo my forehead next week? Cataplexy! Be on your best behaviour!

I crack myself up! Have great weekend! and for goodness sake be safe and don’t get any ridiculous tattoos!

Written by Queen of Sleep

March 5, 2011 at 11:44 am

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