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An extremely chatty and humorous friend is currently staying with me.  How do you stop someone being funny when you’re laughing so much it makes your knees weak? I love her sense of humour and spending time with her makes me more awake and alive because she is running her life on warp speed. Some people might find it exhausting but I think that together we achieve a good balance.

Yesterday, she made me laugh so much I almost collapsed on the street. I can’t ask for help because I can’t speak. All I can do is attempting to focus on something else, something really sad (usually works) and most of the time the cataplexy will withdraw. It travels from the back of my head, to the jaw and down towards my arms. At this point I have a few seconds to find a chair – if there is none within my immediate surrounding, I try to lean on a table or a wall. Then my leg muscles disappear and I will either slide down the wall or crash. In some cases I can use my legs as poles and lean onto  wall. It might work if the attack is short. If  it is a repetitive attack, I become defenseless. Yesterday, my legs went but I was lucky there was a road blocker on the pavement and I held onto that until my friend realised what was happening and came to my rescue. She held me for 5 minutes as I tried to recover as fast as I could. The whole episode makes me feel incredibly vulnerable but I am not in the slightest frightened. I only feel experience a level of fear if I am all alone and it happens out in public which is incredibly rare. When I am on my own minding my own business, I don’t get into discussions or dialogues with people who have the potential to trigger an attack. I have to admit, I do get annoyed from time to time by mundane occurences but I just leave the situation behind as quickly as I can and steer my thinking into another direction. 90% of all cataplexy attacks are triggered by people who are close friends of mine, people I genuinely care about and that I keep close to my heart. The medication, a regular lifestyle and sleep pattern helps but not all the time. What can I say I have some really amazingly entertaining and caring friends and family and I would rather continue to have attack after attack than to ever even consider replacing them.

Laugh More Live More

Laugh More Live More

Written by Queen of Sleep

February 2, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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