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Cameron’s NHS reform ‘Arrogant’!

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On my way to therapy today I picked up the Metro and read on page nine that Cameron will be pushing through the health reforms proposed y the government which will include scrapping all 151 health care trusts and ten strategic health authorities, with an initial loss of 24,500 jobs. This move will according to Cameron bring “a patient centred NHS a step closer to reality. Instead of trusts, GP’s will be given 80% of the 100billion pound annual NHS budget to commission services. The article quotes Ed Milliband (Labour Leader) as saying “Why are you so arrogant to think you are right and all of the people who say you are wrong are wrong?” Apparently Cameron replied that the NHS would be “the best in Europe”. What an answer?

It sounds to be like Cameron is trying to sell-out the NHS through the back door, bringing it one step closer to privatisation. How well did that work for the “once” national railway system, the tube, the bus service and all of the other buildings the conservatives sold off only to be profiteering themselves in the late 80’s? The NHS has problems here and there but from my point of view being originally from Sweden and suffering from a rare disorder. The quality of care I have received in the UK beats Sweden’s supposed brilliant health service by miles. It wouldn’t surprise me if the NHS is already the best in Europe in providing care as most countries in europe have financially suffered in the 90’s and 10’s. I also want to add the experience of an acquaintance of mine in Norway – who appears to be such a prosperous country it took him 8 years and time in court before the equivalent of the NHS gave him the support he was entitled to according to law.

Do we really want the NHS to slip down to such standards? I would really like to know what the benefits would be to scrap the primary care trusts? Will the decision-making process be farmed out to private companies, such as Athos Medical Services who are really a disgrace to the medical profession. It will save money in the long run but users will pay on quality of services. There must be better ways to save money than on national health which in the long run will cost the country more in increased sick days, unemployment, social services etc. You can’t take preventative service without having to pay for it elsewhere further down the road. It sounds as if at the core of this decision is some serious lobbying by multinational companies to cash in on UK’s financially vulnerable state and the conservatives have always been in bed with privatisation.

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Written by Queen of Sleep

January 20, 2011 at 5:31 pm

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