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Flying back to London

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Airplane taking off

Today, I will be flying back to London leaving Sweden behind again until next time. I feel a bit sad because it’s always when you have gotten used to the landscape, weather, people and darkness (Just joking, I don’t think I can ever get used to the darkness) it’s time to leave. The air is cleaner and the pace is slower. Sometimes too slow because I want action now! If nothing happens I risk falling asleep and missing out completely. I have recently felt moments of  panic-like emotions triggered by fear of having lost time, of loosing more time everyday and worries that life will come to end before I have had time to accomplish what I have set out in my mind.  I have been in some funny situations in my hometown which shows how different the perception time and speed is when you live in the countryside. One day I went to a local bakery, lovely place with tasty bread and cakes, and chatted with some of the staff. All of a sudden one of them says: – here is this afternoon’s second wave. i.e. lots of customers are entering the shop. I look around and see 2 people beside myself, smile on the inside and think this is not even a queue. There are just not that many people in this town. I think you adapt to the pace of where you live and you experience potential stress in relation to its set pace. There are many benefits of  living in the countryside and the most positive is that there are fewer distractions, life becomes clearer and it’s easier to focus on what you want to achieve. On the other hand, I have realised that when I am active I become more active and when I am passive  I become the ultimate procrastinator. A friend recently said that, it’s a sign of narcolepsy to have a tendency to go to extremes. What do you think?

I couldn’t keep up my lifestyle changes staying with my family. I did better than I have in the past – that is a positive. I went out a few times with my brother swimming and bowling and I kept the good routine of eating porridge every morning. I don’t get to eat Swedish food very often so I totally slipped on my caffeine, sugar and low-fat intake. I love Swedish food, cakes and sweets. It made my mood escalate out of control a few times and I do feel a little bit like a pudding right now;). It was more difficult to keep regular food routines too and that affected my blood sugar levels at times but I know that I need to be even more disciplined next time I go home in order to succeed. I fall back into old non-constructive behaviour. I mean that as long as I keep up training and eat at regular times. I  will be fine. I can’t wait to get back to the gym tomorrow and do body combat in the gym. I am also thinking about starting to train to run a 5k race for charity this summer, but first, I need to find a running partner.



Written by Queen of Sleep

January 9, 2011 at 12:15 pm

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