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New Years Resolution!

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If I could I would Inject it!

If I could I would Inject it!

Yesterday, I had written several posts on new years resolutions, the history of the resolution, reason why they are more likely to fail than succeed and success stories but I didn’t post anything. My resolution of quitting drinking coffee did not turn out that well. I didn’t get any headaches but I was extremely sleepy and really anxious. Towards, late afternoon I decided that I would postpone my resolution until I get back to London. When  eventually had a cup of coffee, I experienced a similar sensation in my head to when I used to drink diet coke. It was obviously not as strong but still I felt the addiction. I can’t really decide whether I enjoy drinking coffee or not. Perhaps it’s like wine. Lovely wine and coffee taste delicious whereas cheap wine and freeze-dried coffee tastes a bit like a disappointment. One of my favorite coffee shops are the Algerian Coffee Shop in Soho. As you enter the little red shop, a cloud, of rich, fresh and warm gorgeous tasting coffee hits you. Read the chalk boards to decide what type if coffee you would like to try or buy.

Click the image to get to Algerian Coffee website

Written by Queen of Sleep

January 2, 2011 at 10:41 am

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