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Sunshine is Good for You! Vitamin D is Good for You!

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Sometimes I wonder what planet I live on because I have totally missed the warnings from the non-profit organisations advising people to wear sunscreen and staying out of the sun because it’s bad for you. It has always been a crucial part for me in managing narcolepsy so honestly: what are they on about? On the other hand, a few years ago I read an article about all the chemicals that are in suncreams and sunscreens that, more or less, said that it’s more dangerous to wear the products than not to.

Natural News published on the 19th/12/2010: UK non-profits end era of sunlight ignorance and vitamin D denial

Seven leading health groups (Cancer Research UK, National Osteoporosis Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, British Association of Dermatologists, Diabetes UK, National Heart Forum and the Primary Care Dermatology Society) in the UK have announced a “definitive statement” that reverses decades of ignorant opposition to sunlight exposure. The statement says that: sunlight exposure is good for you and that people need to expose themselves to sunshine (without sunscreen) in order to produce Vitamin D.
This statement represents a shift in position of traditional health related non-profits because they used to insist that “sunlight is bad for you”. From my point of view it sounds like the old position was put in place to sell more sunscreen

The article continues to describe the seemingly corrupt conventional medical system and how it relies on the general public to be and continue to get sick in order to sell pharmaceutical products. If the general population were to maximise their vitamin D intake, vitamin D deficiency would plummet and so would cancer rates too. Vitamin D deficiency promotes cancer, schizophrenia, bone disorders, kidney problems, diabetes, obesity and many other diseases upon which the industrial medical complex depends. I have not had many encounters with pharmaceutical companies but the few that I have had, have given me a very clear message. They don’t care about people – only profit, and honestly why should they? They are a businesses that have been built archaic values that promote fears and dependency, not recovery.

Natural News writes that : boosting vitamin D intake through both sunshine and nutritional supplements is arguably the single most important thing that needs to be done right now to improve health, reduce health care costs and prevent degenerative disease.The article is a real eye-opener in terms of how governmental health agencies treat and view its population. I find it astonishing….and ignorant and downright racist. Read More: http://www.naturalnews.com/030779_sunlight_vitamin_D.html

Written by Queen of Sleep

December 28, 2010 at 12:37 am

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