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Sleepy Cartoons/Comic: Skalman

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Skalman relaxing in the sun

Skalman relaxing in the sun

Skalman is a regular character in a Swedish cartoon called “Bamse” created by Rune Andreasson. It has been printed since 1973.  The main website is http://www.bamse.net until 13th of January 2011 and afterwards http://www.bamse.se

Bamse Comic

Bamse Comic

Unfortunately, the website does not translate to English but it might do next year when they move. Wikipedia has an entry in English on Bamse


The turtle Skalman carries a large yellow hat. He is a technological, logical and chemical genius. He “knows best” and has lots of useful things stuffed up his shell. His most precious invention/the one he is the most proud of is the infamous “food-and-sleep clock”. It rings several times a time reminding Skalman that it’s time to eat and when it’s time to sleep. It doesn’t matter what he is doing or if he is in the middle of an adventure, when it rings he obeys, he has to obey! The food and sleep moment often occurs at a time when it’s most inconvenient. He is the genius of the comic but when he is sleeping Bamse and friends have to do some problem solving themselves. When Skalman sleeps, nothing can wake him up. He hates the word: hurry (sound a bit like Queen of Sleep!)and he never, ever runs. All of these characteristics make Skalman the Sleepy Comic of the day!





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