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The Experience Project and How dreaming activates your brain more than thinking…

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I stumbled across the Experience Project when I was looking for information to see if other narcoleptics have had experiences that confirms my theory that sugar makes cataplexy attacks worse. Instead I came across this website: http://www.experienceproject.com/index.php

I have not tried it enough to see if it’s useful or  good yet but it looks promising and they have a good dream dictionary:


I don’t really use dream dictionaries but sometimes they can be great fun if you dream about something really odd. There are also some really good dream forums, for example: Dream Views, out there that I have been a member of for some time but unfortunately it gets pretty boring after a while when you have managed to identify the different types of dreaming and you want to go deeper. Collective dreaming interests me greatly still. How people can dream same/similar things at the same time. Is there a collective unconscious? Are we just part of one large mind that we can tap into if we wish and believe it’s possible?

Browsing dreaming I found this really interesting article that claims that dreaming activates the brain more than thinking. How funny when most people associate dreaming with laziness etc. well perhaps not laziness but the opposite of productivity at least. Read More: Dreaming Is The Key To A Qualitative Activity Of The Brain

Written by Queen of Sleep

December 24, 2010 at 8:14 am

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