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Mood and Energy elevating Supplements/Foods

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Hawaiian Spirulina

Hawaiian Spirulina

I am from a family background/generation that thinks that all the nutrients you need should come from food you eat. Supplements should not be a substitute for a healthy diet. Still, I think that if it makes me feel better why not take it? A lot of people live in toxic environments with many commitments, it can be difficult to  ensure that you are always eating a balanced meal. It is also very tempting to get addicted to nicotine, caffeine, diet coke, sugars that will give you a quick lift and if supplements can help keeping cravings at bay, I will take them. I am the most vulnerable to junk food when I feel sleepy as I will automatically reach for something that will lift my mood and energy levels straight away.

The most successful supplements that I have tried have been: Hawaiian Spirulina, Equazen eye q- 180 capsules and Coenzyme Q10. Ginseng is also supposed to be very good but I have not yet tried it. If you know any good makes or variations do let me know. Spirulina gives your energy a boost and contains concentrated chlorophyll which help to alkalies the body, especially good  when you eat Christmas foods.

It is well-known that people who suffers from auto-immune diseases naturally have low levels of Vitamin D. Narcolepsy was identified in May 2010 as an auto-immune disease does that mean I should be taking supplements of Vitamin D? Apparently, spending time outside does not cover the recommended daily dosage.  More oily fish…

As associative depression is the third most common condition after narcolepsy and cataplexy, I have been looking at ways of keeping body blues away. Reference: When your Body gets the Blues by Marie – Annette Brown ph.D, RN and Jo Robinson. It’s a brilliant book with useful advice that is do-able. In terms of supplements they recommend: vitamin B1 (relieves fatigue and improves memory), B2 (improves mood, thinking and composure and improves efficiency of anti-depressants) and B6 (helps to convert tryptophan into serotonin) will help to keep depression at bay. Low levels of Folic Acid and depression has known for decades and the lower the folic acid the deeper the depression. Next one mentioned in the book is: Vitamin D3. Vitamin D has already been mentioned. It is spending time in the sun, other reliable sources are: cod liver oil,  oily fish and vitamin D fortified milk. Finally, Dr. David Benton proved in the 1990’s that selenium has mood-elevating properties probably because it may enhance the dopamine activity in the brain, increasing the sense of arousal and pleasure. If you are taking an anticonvulsants drug you should consult your doctor before taking vitamin B6 and folic acid.


Yummy Mackerel!

Let me just add that you can get the following vitamins from the following foods:

Vitamin B1: Meat (pork), yeast, legumes, whole grains or enriched cereals and breads.

Vitamin B6: oily fish such as tuna, trout, mackerel and sardines (oily fish capsules).
Vitamin D3: cod liver oil,  oily fish and vitamin D fortified milk.

Folic Acid: Brewers yeast, liver, kidney, orange juice, green leafy vegetables, fortified grain products, dried beans and peas and most berries.

Sweet dreams and healthy meals!

Written by Queen of Sleep

December 22, 2010 at 11:36 am

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