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Positive thinking and Placebo effect

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Let’s now move away from the traps of negative to positive thinking. I have been writing about the importance of positive thinking in the past. When you take a pill that a dr. has told you will make you better or cure you and you trust your dr. you believe that what is says will come true. For me, this is positive thinking. You start to believe that it will turn out to be the solution (or part of a solution), you prepare for it and you look after other areas of your life too, you become happier because you have a positive goal in sight.

You start to relax and you look for signs of recovery – at this point you are helping your body to recover or improve. Most people will start to experience an improved lifestyle because the greatest bandit of all has been eliminated: stress. If the pill is a placebo or really works does not matter at this stage. You are experiencing the beginning of moving towards wellbeing and you are allowing your body to relax more deeply aiding it to start the healing process. This is why placebo is the most powerful medication you can get.

Let’s move on to medication for narcoleptics. We know that there is no cure and medication is only treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Still, if you believe your lifestyle will improve you are already halfway there and this is the power of positive thinking.  It’s impossible to have a completely impartial approach to taking a new medication so your mindset will more or less manipulate the outcome. I know that I am a positive thinker because every time I have had a negative side effect, I get surprised, thinking it can’t possibly be the medication. At the moment I am slowly improving but I am not completely without side effects from Dexedrine. Because I am feeling better, getting more confident and more outspoken, I have noticed that one of my alter –egos have come to the fore front more and more. Now, is it part of my personality or a side effect of the medication? Probably both.  Occasionally, I get slightly high and start talking excessively and my rebellious trannie alter –ego comes out. I have to watch what I say and to whom: discernment is needed here.  Another side effect is a slight feeling of paranoia – luckily this does not happen too often. Apart from that I seem to take very well to the medication and I am getting better at managing prescription renewal and talking the right amount at the right time.

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Written by Queen of Sleep

December 15, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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  1. i love this article 🙂


    February 4, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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