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Kush Tube

When I saw this article promoting The Kush Tube published by SLEEPzine, I could not help but laugh out loud. The Kush Tube is sold by Gizmodiva and promises to hold your curves in place while sleeping, i.e. your breasts. You place the pink tube-shaped Kush in between your breasts, turn over to the side and supposedly get a more restful sleep while your body keeps looking your for longer. I think it is hilarious, and would like to see to scientific research backing the  claims for Kush Tube. I understand that you might need adapted cushions etc. if you have had surgery or perhaps implants recently but “is it really this painful for women to sleep on their side without a Kush Tube?”. Personally , I am not a large breasted woman so perhaps it would be if you were a cup-size C, D or E +. They  def. suffer from more back problems overall but do they need this product? Or is it a present you buy for the woman who has everything?  I especially like comment on Gizmodiva’s website: I’m assuming it will delay the effects of sagging as well. Gizmodiva, somehow you have not managed to convince me! Please prove me wrong and show me that this is not a scam!


Written by Queen of Sleep

November 30, 2010 at 12:27 pm

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