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Living with narcolepsy: a personal journey

Lifestyle Update November 2010

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I have undergone a massive transformation since May this year. I am happy that I have managed with the help of family and friends to finally take a step up. Like my friend Katrina said to me 4 years ago when were working together at a holistic holiday centre in Greece: It’s your turn now! Time to step up!  It was not the right time for me then, I still had so much healing to do. Katrina was and still is very inspirational and brings light wherever she goes and if you have the time you can catch her next time she comes to your country, do! I think she is in Malibu at the moment, teaching Yoga and workshops on holistic living and transformation. Her website is called: Transform with Katrina. However, it was the right time for her and I wish her all the best success. At that point, 4 years ago, my body was completely exhausted. I was allergic to most foods. I was over sensitive to everything: I still, remember standing in the shower adjusting the temperature. This seemingly simple act would take me 10 minutes because it had to be just right otherwise it would be too cold or too hot. I dreamed every night, all night long. I would get 1-2 nights a month with delightful normal sleep. I had bad reactions and severe side effects to modafinil so I had to come off the medication. I gained and gained weight eating to stay awake, eating to comfort myself, eating because I was unhappy. I did not have energy nor motivation to exercise. I was too weak. The first couple of times I went to the gym during this period – I had to go home and sleep for the entire day. The extra energy – I did not have it! I was too busy during the night only to wake up with my body in pain. Some mornings, I could not even move. I don’t tend to get sleep paralysis often so this really bothered me. Amongst many other things…bla bla, just read earlier posts and you will get the picture.

The reason why I am bringing this up today, is that I think I have come halfway to being able to manage my symptoms. I have created a routine and a framework to help me manage better. I have a drink occasionally, eat cake and sometimes even skip a day at the gym  but as long as I keep to the framework I  am doing good. My body is stronger and I can focus for longer on tasks. As a bonus I have lost a stone since September! I will write more in detail about the methods I have used in future posts. I also  have to add that I have become a firm believer in that we are creators. We create the life we want to live. If you want to have a happy/fulfilling, successful life you have to put in the hours and work both on the inside as well as on the outside.


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