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All this Drama…Panic attacks…

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Acer Palmatum

Acer Palmatum at Wisley Gardens

My life is for sure never boring and for that I am grateful, but the ups and downs, the amazing beauty mixed in with panic attacks drives me….
I have not had a panic attack for months and today it happened again. On my way to an RHS Garden, I got lost on a train station in the countryside. My breath got more and more tense, tried to focus on my breathing for about 2-3 minutes and then tears started welling up. For the first time ever, I started to understand how the panic attacks work on me. It’s like I leave my body, my rationality is intact, telling me to “stop crying it’s not real”. Eventually, I calmed down and got to my destination but it makes me think of all the times it used to stop me from going out. I would get so stressed and panic, my body would think it was about to enter combat, and I get extremely sleepy. I thought that I had developed panic attacks ( sounds strange, I know) as a way of dealing with undiagnosed narcolepsy – extreme sleep deprivation until I came across this website that lists 12 reasons you might be getting panic attacks: Deal with Panic Attacks

I am especially looking at:

Medications – There are certain drugs that can cause interactions in your body that can trigger panic attacks. Examples include Ritalin and Fluoroquinone type antibiotics. This is another reason why you should always read the labels on any medications very carefully before taking them.

Pharmacological Triggers – Caffeine, alcohol and amphetamines for example can act as triggers in certain people because of the way that the chemicals in those substances interacts with that persons biology. This is by no means true of everyone, but it is easy to see how this can occur if you consider alcohol as an example. Some people get very placid and calm on alcohol, whilst others get violent. And the same is true if you are looking to deal with panic attacks.

and possibly;

Biological Reasons – People who suffer from various diseases like hypoglycemia and even Vitamin B deficiency can be a precursor for a Panic Attack.

How typical of me to think that it’s some kind of  learnt behaviour when it’s clear that it is a side effect of the medication.  Reading about triggers of panic attacks makes me feel a lot calmer. Next time it happens, I will know that it’s my biochemistry playing up and it will be easier to deal with. Now it’s time, to cut down on my excessive coffee consumption.

I have been distracted by this and night terrors during the last couple of days and I have not updated my blog. As a consequence, I have neglected going to the gym and using Shakti Mat since Saturday but today I have the strength to get back on track.


Written by Queen of Sleep

November 2, 2010 at 11:18 am

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