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Metro: Time to Snooze on Sleepy Head

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Metro London wrote yesterday that we spend nearly one-third of our life asleep in bed but it seems that is not enough for some people. Some people would be prepared to pay to get a little more snooze time. 45% of working people  said they would pay up to and over 100 pounds for a day of rest. 36 % said that they had used a sickday to catch up on sleep. They also writes that the worst ones among the 1,040 people who were polled by the sleep council were aged 16-24.

“The worst ones” are the group that needs more sleep than the other working groups. Teenagers need more sleep because they are still growing. The article is a bit discriminating against teenagers.

45% would pay to catch up on their sleep! Has England become a nation of sleep deprived extreme workaholics or are people chronically so stressed that they no sleep as well as they could? I remember listening to BBC Radio 4 a few weeks ago (can’t remember the program) but they were discussing how tired everyone was and how much more the English work that their European colleagues. Apparently, people are not more sleep deprived than at any other point in history. Perhaps the difference is that today, almost 50% of people in the survey are prepared (if they could) to pay get a day off to sleep.

Written by Queen of Sleep

October 28, 2010 at 1:31 pm

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