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Searching for Moderation and Balance…

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Last weekend, I went to a birthday party in Chelsea and had a really good time. I went with a friend just in case I all of sudden got shaky of too much laughing, too much of well I never quite know how I might react but it’s better to be on the safe side. The birthday boy got a beautiful cake decorated with lots of books. I had some cake and a few drinks that then turned into a few more. and a few more.

Moderation seems difficult for me to achieve, I am much better at extremes. I guess, I am a bit of a protestant at heart so I feel guilty for treating my body in this way i.e. drinking alcohol. And yet, why should I beat myself up about it? Or should I? Is it a sign that I don’t take my recovery seriously or am I falling before per pressure/social behaviour? Or, does my body crave sugar (alcohol) because I have stopped eating sweets, cakes and all that white stuff. Perhaps, I am not seeing the whole picture? Am I still trying to be normal and failing miserably?  Perhaps, I am not thinking at all?

I aim to achieve moderation so I can have a healthier life. I did a quick search on google for “How to achieve moderation” and did is what the oracle came up with:

Achieving moderation in life is the golden key to successful living. Excesses in any segment of life, tends to be dangerous to one’s health and well-being.

OK but.. what how do I achieve moderation?

Tip # 1 Tune your mindset

Tune your mindset; your mental outlook will play an important role. It is your thoughts and perceptions that can help you navigate through life’s complexities and keep you on the right track. Be open to change; adjust your attitude and believe in yourself and your capabilities.

We all have to face problems and challenges; it is how we deal with each problem that will determine our lives. Choose your thoughts wisely; relax and try not to overreact when troubles come your way. Harboring this attitude can help you to do away with the negative influences which could take a toll on your health, productivity and indeed, your entire life.

Tip # 2 Make the right choices

The choices you make may have considerable relevance to what you make of your life. Making the right choices entails making the right decisions for yourself depending on the situation or circumstances you are in. Ultimately, your success in making the right choices will largely depend on how much you are enjoying doing what needs to be done and how well you are able to comply with your goal to achieving moderation in life.

Tip # 3 Adopt a balanced lifestyle

It is vital that you adopt a balanced lifestyle and avoid the pitfalls of living dangerously. Start making changes to practicing and achieving moderation in all aspects of your life, to obtain optimal health and fitness. Adopt a balanced approach; your daily habits can make a big difference. Start good habits like eating nutritious meals, sleeping adequately and exercising regularly.

Dispense with the bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking,

What is excessive drinking? Probably more than 2 glasses of wine?  So, if I give myself a little golden rule about social  drinking that might do the trick! Never more than 2 drinks at parties! problem solved!

Tip # 4 Learn to be grateful

Be appreciative of all the good things that has come your way in life. Feel appreciation for what you have-your family and friends, your home and your job; look all around your neighborhood and find things you can appreciate each day. Learning to be grateful can benefit all areas of your life and simultaneously help you to achieve moderation.

Tip # 5 Focus on your power

It’s important to focus on your personal power and not seek to conform to the opinion of others. Remember: You are a unique individual having mind, desires and aspirations of your own. Do not allow pressure from others get in your way. Practice standing up for yourself and do not be afraid to calmly say “No” if you find anyone demanding or forcing you to act against your own free will. Staying firm in your conviction and respecting your own power, could significantly lead you in achieving moderation in life.

References: Choose your Life -A Travel Guide for Living by Karen Burnett and Chasing Life by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and article: Tips on How to Achieve Moderation in Life

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October 25, 2010 at 1:55 pm

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