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Last Feng Shui Post on the Bedroom – Promise!

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It’s easy to “map” your bedroom according to Feng Shui principles so you create harmony in the bedroom.

1.     First, draw a roughly square outline of your bedroom on a piece of paper. The wall that has the primary entrance to your room in it should be the lower line of the square.

2.     Divide the square into nine equal squares, three rows of 3 squares each.

3.     Start with the lowest row of squares that describes the areas when you first walk into your bedroom. The far left corner of the room when you first enter is the area of Knowledge. The centre square relates to Career, and the right-hand square is Helpful People/Travel.

4.     Now look at the central row of squares that describes the middle of your bedroom. The far left square relates to Family/Health. The central square is the Tao, or Centre, and the right-hand square is Creativity/Children.

5.     Lastly, look at the top row of squares. The far left square relates to Wealth, the central square to Fame/Reputation, and the far right square to Relationships/Romance.

Here’s the layout:

Wealth Fame/Reputation Relationships/Romance
Family/Health Tao/Centre Creativity/Children
Knowledge Career Helpful People/Travel

Knowledge: bookcase, books, tools for self-development.

Career: mirror or water-related items. Images to support your career goals.

Helpful People/Travel: pictures of your helpers.

Family/Health: family photos, heirlooms, plants.

Creativity/Children: art supplies, artwork, and computer.

Wealth: money, jewellery, fish, fountains, anything red, purple or gold.

Fame/Reputation: candles, awards, plants, anything red, orange or purple.

Relationships/Romance: round or oval mirrors, anything pink, pictures of loved ones, paired objects 2 roses

I have my bed in the Helpful People/Travel area, Door in the Career area and Wardrobe in the Knowledge area. You are supposed to put pictures of your helpers in the Helpful People/Travel area. Who are they? Is it like my Family, friends or spiritual beings/God they mean? Ah, at the moment I have a blue angel that a friend left behind. That must be good.

My career area is just a door – how am I going to be able to fit a water feature here?  Images of my career goals – need to find some. If I start to nurture this area perhaps my work circumstances will shift quickly?

In my knowledge area I have a malfunctioning wardrobe. I am just about to empty it out. As lovely as it is – it’s totally impractical. I could turn it into a bookshelf for my books etc. But what do I do with my bookshelf. Aha, I could put my clothes on my Bookshelf. Is this a good idea? Probably not;) ha! ha!

Next area is the Family and Health. I have a table here, but could just about move a photo of my brother to the table. If I put plants here, they will die! I could try a cactus but they are supposed to be bad Feng Shui too. No wonder Asian homes are so minimalist!

What good luck, I already keep my easel in the Creativity/Children area!

I have a bookshelf in the wealth area. The books will be moved into the wardrobe (ha-ha) and I think I’ll move my clothes into this area. I am not planning on getting any fish or water feature but I do have a large red fan that I could put here.

My fame and Reputation area is covered in plants; it is also where my patio doors to the garden are located. I also have a few candles there – how appropriate!

Now, the relationship romance area ha-ha… It explains a lot…I keep my garden tools and wellies in this position. No wonder… I have no luck in this area of my life! Wait a minute; a pair of wellies must count as a paired object! Perhaps I could make more of an effort and get 2 roses? There is a Feng Shui ritual that consists of placing 2 roses for three days in the relationship area of your bedroom, get 2 new ones for another 3 days, then 2 new ones for yet another 3 days. 9 days in total. Never keep wilting flowers here. Now your love life is supposed to blossom. I have never tried it but it sounds cute.

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October 23, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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