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These updates are starting to resemble Bridget Jones Diary updates. So, to sum up on my addictions: Nicotine (gave up in August): 1 evening and 2 cigarettes backlash but every time I have gotten back to not smoking the following day. Good but I need to keep an eye on my consumption. I give myself 3/5 sleepy crowns!!!

3 weeks ago, I gave up sugar (well, visible sugar such as in tea, coffee, sweets, cakes biscuits etc). I thought this would send my body into a withdrawal shock but it was easier than nicotine. Still, I couldn’t help myself and had some licorice and 2 pieces of birthday cake at a friends, last weekend. Who can/could resist Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake cake the Hummingbird Bakery?

3/5 sleepy crowns for giving into temptation!

This and in combination with an overall reduction of most unhealthy foods such as fast foods, my favorite butter, ketchup etc, is slowly increasing my energy levels and regulates my body’s systems.

I have found that my body prefers my new regime because on one occasion I tried to eat a burger and my body rejected it straight away. Sugar and sweets makes me now feel slightly nauseous and moody.

On the exercise front, I am warming up to the idea of running. Just warming up.Ha ha. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, mostly for yoga, spin, aerobic exercise or my gym program. I have realised that it is so important for your motivation to go to gym  that is friendly, encouraging and welcoming. Too many of the national chains have become impersonal. Find the right people and you will find the right gym for you. I did.

I am getting in to yoga again. I am loving it! At the moment, I am combining, vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga but I will 1 or two that I will work on more. I am going to the Yoga Show at Olympia in London at the end of October. The fee is only £12 for a whole day with free yoga classes, talks and demonstrations. Brilliant for me who is trying to find the best practise for Queen of Sleep. I have a funny feeling it might be ashtanga because it is quite aerobic and will keep my mind exercised too (busy keeping up the pace). Click on the image below to go to the Yoga show’s homepage:



Written by Queen of Sleep

October 12, 2010 at 1:44 pm

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