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Yoga and Sleep at Triyoga

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I believe that Yoga can help with almost any physical ailment and there are so many different styles to choose from ranging from very gentle to extreme aerobic forms. Saying this, I have fallen asleep on the Yoga mat several times but it does not stop me going back for more. Sometimes, embarrassingly, I do wonder if I have snored whilst relaxing in corpse pose-lying on the back.

I get Triyoga’s email news letter every week. I once did a beginners course to yoga – Lyengar which was really useful because the teacher really focussed on getting the class to do postures correctly. It has helped me when I have attended other classes where the teacher is not so much hands-on and corrective. It gave me a good base.

As the Winter is getting closer and it’s getting darker outside, I am starting to prepare myself for hibernation, no not really hibernation, not this year if I can help it. I have increased my medication, been researching SAD lights, increased my therapy appointments to twice a week, and currently I am becoming or cultivating an obsession with Yoga. I am preparing optimistically for a couple of marvellous winter months. Regardless if you have narcolepsy or not the quality of the sleep you get is of the essence for us all so if you are based in the London area you could go to Triyoga at Primrose hill on the 10th of October and participate in…

Yoga + the science of sleep with Lisa Sanfilippo

Sunday 10 October 5.00 – 7.00pm at Primrose Hill
A good night’s sleep prepares us to enjoy each day, weathering its challenges with lightness and grace. Most of us have trouble sleeping at some point in our lives: before an important event, in times of transition or imbalance, and when the body or mind is not at ease…more details


Written by Queen of Sleep

October 6, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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