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OK, so I managed to quit smoking and pretty much exclude any kind of alcohol from my system again. Hurray for me! It’s now been almost 4 weeks and I guess my body has been detoxing. I felt it was time to join a gym. So I did. Last week I had my gym induction with Serena Williams look a like instructor and my exercise plan has been completed.  I have gained weight of lately but my narcoleptic friends seems to think it’s from taking Clomipramine. I am not sure. Now, it’s time to move some fat and get some happy endorphins energy into my like. I have been to spinning, Zumba, yoga and body combat classes and my body is aching but it’s a happy ache. A jittery and mischievous aching in my muscles. I am taking it slow and rest in between days of work-out. A friend comes with me to exercise so I don’t need to worry about falling down or falling asleep.

Tomorrow, I am going to try to cut out sugar. For that to work effectively, I cannot miss a single dosage of medicine. If I do, I will start to fall asleep in public places again. Wish me good luck because I think it will be my most difficult challenge so far! Good night and  may you all have amazing, fascinating and delightful dreams!

Written by Queen of Sleep

September 26, 2010 at 8:35 pm

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