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Living with narcolepsy: a personal journey


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A friend of mine said suddenly and almost totally out of the blue one day. – You know QoS you don’t have to tell everyone that you have narcolepsy! I have been thinking about this and you do tell everyone. It’s just that you are not just narcolepsy but so many other wonderful things as well.

The idea brought me back to the classic dilemma: am I my narcolepsy or I am QoS? If I alway tell people, educate people about narcolepsy do they see me? or always just narcolepsy or that narcolepsy girl? How do I judge when to say I have narcolepsy and not? Especially in a social situation is gets tricky because so many people ask me: “What do you do?” How do you answer that? I have not been able to work for a while due to health reasons. That just sounds vague…or do I say that (whatever I used to do before I stopped working). I don’t know. I  guess it is ok to be vague, a lot of people are incredibly vague all the time. So why can’t I?

My friend also suggested that I add a box to the blog and name it: Positive attributes of Narcolepsy! Heightened sensitivity is one! Amazing dreams another! please add some more…

Written by Queen of Sleep

September 25, 2010 at 3:31 pm

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