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Food as Medicine

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I have blogged before about the power of food and how much difference the right diet can do.  I had a small lifestyle health relapse earlier this year and just completely forgot about eating well. I also stopped going to the gym as I had decided to spend my pennies on seeing a psychotherapist. This year I have also managed to quit smoking twice. It has been up and down but I figure that when you are trying to change your life style you will momentarily have your relapses. You are retraining a behaviour that did not work for you. Perhaps, I have slight separation anxiety but I am more than certain than I am heading to the rubbishbin with everything in my life that has ever slowed me down or does not serve me anymore. The process might just take me longer than I anticipated. I am still smoke-free and currently a friend is living with me who has gotten me enrolled in a gym and together we are working towards changing our eating habits. My biggest challenge is sugar!

I believe that the food you eat can help you get better i.e. a holistic approach to treating narcolepsy is necessary. Here is a link to an article on nutrition from the NY Times where they discuss the importance of teaching doctors nutrition so they can advice their patients.

Dr. Maring ‘s blog “Dr. Marings’s Farmers’ Market and Recipe Update“, where a doctor gives you advice on nutrition and provides healthy recipes

And finally a link to the Brain Bio Centre in the UK who specialises in the ‘optimum nutrition’ approach to mental well-being. The team can work with you to identify any nutritional or biochemical imbalances which may be contributing to your symptoms – BBC provides you with a tailored programme to correct these issues to restore your health.

Eat well and Sleep well

Written by Queen of Sleep

September 23, 2010 at 11:04 pm

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