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UCB Pharma stopped making Dex?

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Apparently UCB Pharma has stopped making Dexedrine and quite a few narcoleptics have found that they only have managed to get half of their prescription  or have had to wait 3-5 days before getting the prescription filled. Go here for some interesting reading: Dexedrine: Potential BIG supply problem

Added 22/09/2010

When I went to my pharmacist 2 days ago, I could only get Dex for a few weeks – he needs to order more. I will probably get another brand name.  I went to see him today again. Still no Dex – it normally takes 24h hours for them to order more….


Today, my pharmacist had the remainder of the medication for me to pick up. This time, I got Dexamfetamine Sulphate produced by Auden Mckenzie.


Written by Queen of Sleep

September 19, 2010 at 10:36 pm

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