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Living with narcolepsy: a personal journey

Please sign up & Save the NHS from being watered down by Clegg & Cameron!

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Where would narcoleptics be in the UK without the NHS? Do you believe in a country where you have to pay for care and where National Health care Services have been opened up to the private sector in the name of healthy competition? Or, a country where you pay for health care through taxes and everyone have access to care. Sweden, which for many countries, for a long time  have been a role model when it comes to health care and education, opened up their health care to the private sector in the 90’s. Hypothetically, narcolepsy in Sweden would today cost me on a yearly basis:

Maximum medication cost: 1900Kr (free above 1900Kr), Appointment with specialist at 300Kr per visit, Appointment with GP at 120Kr per visit, Renewal of prescription at 60Kr per medication if made over the phone 50Kr per prescription medication. The council reimburse for travel 10Kr/Swedish mile.

1900Kr Medication Cost + 900Kr Consultants/Specialist Dr fee + 2880Kr GP Appointment fee+ 1440 prescription medication fee = 7120Kr/year

On Currency Converter today it translates into=634.154 pounds

At the moment,I don’t pay to see my GP or Consultant. I don’t have to pay for a prescription and the maximum cost for the medication is 6 pounds per medicine, (144 pounds per year). Sweden, today has a Conservative government – Just like the UK! And just like Sweden, lib-dem & tories intend to water down the services provided by the NHS. NHS Direct is shutting down. Please register to protect the NHS here: http://labs.38degrees.org.uk/wall/nhs

Written by Queen of Sleep

September 1, 2010 at 3:44 pm

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