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Athos, Therapy, Sodium Oxybate update

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I am so relieved to get a letter from Athos Medical Services granting me Employment and Support Allowance for another six months.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised but I am so used to being misunderstood/ not listened to  by medical professionals i.e. not specialists.

I am having a couple of weeks break from my therapy.

I have made contact with my local Primary Care trust via the Patient Liaison Service. They put me in contact with a the main body of the “prescribing committee”. I asked if they had received my application for Sodium Oxybate. Unfortunately, she answered that my name did not sound familiar. They log all requests, put it in a queue for the committee, and its then given a date for when it will be brought up and decided upon. My contact said she was normally very busy and gave me the number of her assistant. I contacted her assistant, who was very helpful and sweet, who told me to email all details to her so she could chase up the application for me. Apparently there are 2 systems that the application goes through. Hopefully I will get a reply soon.

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