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Daytrip to the Beach

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The summer is my favorite time of the year. The increased levels of sunshine helps my body regulate itself better and it feels more natural for me to wake up at 4am every morning too because it is light outside. I do some chores then go back to bed for a few hours – I could not survive on 4-5 hours of sleep per night ( however disturbed or undisturbed it is!).

3 years ago when I went to the hospital to have the MSLT test done (Multi-Sleep – Latency Test) I experienced perhaps 4-5 awakenings and a couple of episodes sleep paralysis during the over night monitoring part of the test. When I got the results, it showed that I had 33 recorded awakenings. How crazy is that? No, wonder I can’t sleep properly or wake up exhausted. Anyway, last week I went to Brighton over the day with some friends. What a perfect day! We took the train there – had a nap, went to the beach – had a nap, had lunch, went to the beach again – had a nap and then a swim in the ocean. I have decided that I don’t care just because I had cataplexy swimming in the ocean once 2 years ago, it ‘s not going to stop me from swimming again. Now, I just avoid speaking and interacting with people when I swim that way I minimise a risk of another attack considerably. I love swimming and I hate the idea that fear would stop me doing what I want –  enjoying life etc. Obviously, I am not stupid or on a suicide mission but rather I am learning more and more what sets of the episodes. After the swim, we went back to the train station and took the train back to London. I obviously had another nap. What a perfect day in the sunshine! It was so lovely to smell the sunshine and salt on my skin when I got back to the city.

Written by Queen of Sleep

July 28, 2010 at 10:01 pm

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