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QoS must really love Baby Tigers

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Baby Tiger

A few days ago, I was watching a James Bond film, “Octopussy” from 1983 with Roger Moore and Maud Adams. As you can predict I fell asleep halfway through the film – so far so good/normal for QoS. The film continued to play in the DVD player as I snoozed on for a good hour. Narcoleptics have a reversal in sleep stages so naturally I would start off dreaming –  I dreamt that I found a baby tiger and a baby panther. They were so amazingly cute – like 10 times cuter than a kitten. I started to worry that their mom would find me and find their scent on my body and subsequently my fate would be sealed, so we went travelling and I continued dreaming the story. When I woke up, I did not think anything of it. It was just another dream but boy the baby tiger was cute. and that was that. I went to make a cup of tea then started to watch “Octopussy” again from where I had drifted off. “Octopussy” Maud Adams runs a circus which is a cover-up for diamond/jewellery smuggling. Halfway in the second half of the film – there is a scene- perhaps 15 seconds of dialogue. She holds 2 baby tigers. How on earth did I take that information and incorporate it into my dream? Sure, I have seen the film before but I don’t remember anything about baby tigers and like I said the scene is very short. It is too much of an coincidence.~I have had similar experiences in the past where I have incorporated loud external noises into my dreams – It is the brains way of making sense of its experiences.

In the 50’s thee was a study where they tested if learning could take place during sleep – learning can take place during time of drowsiness so while the brainwaves were within alpha range no active learning took place during the experiment. It was proven that we do not learn whilst sleeping. See details of the test here

So what happened with the baby tigers? – was I within alpha range? but really still asleep? My brain cannot always tell when my body is asleep and when it is awake. you can describe it as glitches in the system that leak behaviour that belong to sleeping QoS rather than awake QoS and vice versa. It is the only explanation I can think of, but does that mean that narcoleptics “could” learn whilst sleeping because we can learn whilst awake?

Written by Queen of Sleep

April 4, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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