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Chatting with the Hydrohealing therapist over a colonic

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Having liters and liters of water flushed through your bowels, cleansing your bowels  is clearly healthy. I still feel greatly re energised.

The therapist made the whole procedure as comfortable as it possibly can be, still having a tube up your bottom flushing water made me feel slightly awkward and nervous. It is important to relax so I distracted myself by discussing various matters relating to the bum with the hydro healer.

I asked her about my wheat intolerance – and she said -good idea. She also added that the nutritionist that I am seeing next week will probably ask me to exclude milk – dairy products too. Apparently, there is a correlation between wheat & dairy intolerance and narcolepsy. I have not researched this subject yet and as far as I know it is hearsay but I will investigate the subject and blog about it in the future.

She asked me if I exercise – a perfectly natural question that still makes me feel as if I am in 7th grade and have conveniently forgotten to do my homework. Well, I do go to the gym 2-3 days a week –  on and off,  still every other month. I also have bouts of practising Bikram yoga.  The therapist said that it would be better for me to do less strenuous exercise, for example meditation, yoga, swimming and walking. My intestines are so damaged by 15 years of a crash diet/lifestyle to compensate and manage narcolepsy. It only helped me momentarily – it was my crutch. Alcohol, smoking, food and sweets. My intestines were also damaged by Modafinil – it was too strong for me and my insides were too weak to be able to handle the strain.  If I start out exercising too hard – it might make my digestive system worse.

Are you more sensitive when you are ill? Longterm ill? The therapist answered yes. You are sensitive to pretty much everything from diet to social interactions. I remembered I time when it took me 15-20min to get the right temperature in the shower just because I was so sensitive to hot and cold. This oversensitive made me feel – still a bit makes me sometimes feel a bit nuts. How can it possibly be so f***ing draining to go to the shop?

What else did we speak about? Air pockets. I had lots of air-pockets that had to be massaged out – loud noises were coming from my belly as it was massaged – a bit uncomfortable. I had to ask about air/gas. I had this idea that gas was something that was created in the belly because of various unfortunate food combinations or the swallowing of air (for example when chewing gum). The gas would then travel through the system and exit the body as a fart. Now some might get trapped in the lower intestines in air pockets and stay there. How gross is that! Walking around with old air (farts). I will leave the subject of what gets trapped in the bowels here and continue the conversation when I detox in three months time. I have researched what gets trapped and it ain’t pretty!

Written by Queen of Sleep

March 14, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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