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Shameless – Pauline McLynn

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Libby Croker (Pauline McLynn) is Frank’s new girlfriend in Shameless. You might recognise her as the housekeeper of Father Ted in the TV series with the same name. Libby is a narcoleptic travelling librarian. She has cataplectic/sleep attacks all over the place. In today’s episode she was reunited with Frank after a stint in prison, they kept missing each other throughout the episode and then finally Libby sees Frank in the rear mirror as she is about to drive away in her library van. She gets so excited that she falls over the wheel and has an attack – the van continues down to street. They reunite and Libby moves in with Frank. Then she brings him to a narcoleptic support group that she is running. Although the joke is mostly on narcoleptic symptoms it is done with sincerity and heart, and you can tell that the writers have researched narcolepsy well. Libby is in spite of being narcoleptic – still living with her mom (who administers her medication) a feisty character who is no victim to her disorder. In the comedy genre this is by far the best portrayal of narcolepsy that I have seen.

Written by Queen of Sleep

March 11, 2010 at 1:04 am

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