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Colonic – hydrotherapy

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As part of my wellbeing plan or getting better plan, I decided to go and have a colonic irrigation. I was a bit worried due to some of the horror stories that circulates.

Some of them are not even horror stories but real stories – like my friend who went to have a colonic just before her sisters wedding – halfway home water started flushing and she crawled into a supermarket, spent three hours there in absolute embarrassment and stink. After 3 hours she called her boyfriend who had to come and pick her up.

Now, I realise that she did not go to a professional. Hydrohealing in Notting Hill are very pleasant…hm.. as pleasant as a colonic can be. They surely know what they doing, you just pop in and after an hour you can continue with your daily business as usual.

I am starting to realise just how damaging taking Modafinil was for my stomach when I was diagnosed three years ago. Now I have been put on a regular colonics programme for the next 6 months. Afterwards I felt sore but a million dollars, re energised,clearer skin and eyes. I felt awake and still do. As a narcoleptic this works wonders, relieves the pressure that  medication puts or has put on your gut bacteria.

Written by Queen of Sleep

March 11, 2010 at 10:48 pm

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