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Falling asleep in the bath = Dangerous?

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Many of my friends including doctors have told me that : Duh of course it is dangerous falling asleep in the bath!

How many times have you fallen asleep in the bath? I have fallen asleep numerous times – well pretty much every time I have a bath – I fall asleep.  Subsequently, I decided that it was safer for me to choose the shower for my bathroom.

I obviously attempted to do some research on the web but the only vaguely relevant fact that I found was from that you are more likely to die from slipping in your bath than in a storm (american newspaper) then I found this site where someone asks if you can drown from falling asleep in the bath. It surely does not seem common but these seem to be the dangers:

Intoxication – like drugs and alcohol (depressant) and other impairments. Hypothermia and disorientation. If you fall asleep in the bath on a regular basis get a pillow that supports your head. Just to be safe.

On the topic of water – two summers ago I was on holiday in Greece. Some friends and I were swimming in the sea – they were telling jokes and were really funny – all of a sudden I had multiple attacks of cataplexy. I could not tell them because I could not speak and if I tried to tell them in between the attacks I knew I would only make it worse and I might not be able to get the message to them coherently. I aimed for the beach and swam in between the attacks. I am lucky that I am a good swimmer and feel totally comfortable in water. During the attacks – I forced myself to relax and filled my lungs with as much air I could muster whilst trying to think of anything to stop the attack – they subsided little by little and I got closer to the beach little by little. Once I landed on the beach, I was exhausted – like I had swam across the British channel. I was frightened but not beaten.

Written by Queen of Sleep

March 6, 2010 at 11:34 pm

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  1. After writing this post – I have found out that it is really dangerous to fall asleep in the bath. A friend of mine have friends or have heard of narcoleptics dying from this – most likely because of a cataplectic attack.


    March 18, 2010 at 2:28 am

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