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How to Manage Your Energy Levels

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I few months a go I went to a “How to be successful seminar”. In general, they all teach you similar things focussing on the law of attraction etc. I like to try new things on a regular basis, it keeps my mind alert. The most interesting area for me is energy. As a narcoleptic I am always chasing energy in a multitude of forms exercise, foods etc.
I wrote down some notes on energy that I typed up and elaborated on. Enjoy!
Nutritonally balanced meals at regular times, spread throughout the day. A diet rich in carbohydrates (sleep inducing so save for dinner – will write a blog later on carbs) proteins, low fat, lots of fibre is sure to sustain your energy levels. You need to stay away from sugar, alcohol (another type of sugar) and caffeine to avoid the roller coaster effects.
Find an exercise that you enjoy, and makes you feel safe. If you have not exercised before or for a very long time it will take time to build up endurance and it might make you feel sleepier in the beginning. If you persist you will reap the benefits and increase your energy levels.
Inorganic compounds like water, carbon dioxide and salts create energy in the body. Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, more if you exercise. Dehydration affects the brain first. First sign of dehydration is confusion.
Enough oxygen must reach the tiny cells throughout our body to feed them, giving them the energy necessary for life. Prana – Breath of life.
Breathing Exercise
Anytime you’re tired, stop and take ten deep breaths. The best way to breathe is in the pit (or bottom) of your stomach. Few people know that the lungs extend beyond the ribcage, in fact 2/3 of the lungs sit below the lowest rib. Filling the larger portion of the lungs will literally explode your energy.

  • Breathe into the pit of your stomach.
  • As deep as you can.
  • Put your hand on the bottom of your stomach and push your stomach out as you breathe.
  • Make sure you breathe in through your nose.
  • Now breathe as deeply as you can, hold it, as long as comfortable then breathe out through your mouth..

You’ll notice an explosion in how you feel if you take this and use this exercise on a regular basis. It helps lower stress, increase energy, aid mental clarity and infuse every cell in your body with the most precious element for the body, oxygen.


Positive internal and external language generates positive energy

Practice positive introspection – Set aside sometime every often to take an inventory of all the wonderful qualities you possess and use in your daily activities. These generally include your skills, attitudes, approach, generosity, ability to love, etc. Once you realize that you make valuable contribution to the society and your family with these qualities you tend to continue with these and feel positive energy surging in your activities.

Use a mantra that you feel comfortable so whenever you feel low or drained you use it – in the beginning you have to remember it but as you become more familiar with it – you’ll notice that you will start to use it automatically. Remember that language is power, and power is energy!

Body Language

Boost your positive energy through body language – Your body language helps to boost your positive energy. Project positive non-verbal clues such as an upright posture, uncrossed arms, firm handshake, good eye contact, calm behaviour, etc.

Take pride in your appearance – Dress well – Dressing appropriately to suit different occasions raises your confidence and positive energy.

Avoid energy drainers – Do not waste time with people who engage in idle chat and waste your precious time. You get a sort of an uneasy feeling with certain types of people. If you sense bad vibes, you better stay away from them if you do not want them to drain your energy.

Associate with like-minded people – Find a group of like-minded people who share your likes and dislikes so that you could get support and enhance your growth along with them. When you are in this group there is a collective energy working for the good of all in the group. Remember that the friends we make tend to reflect where we are in our development/growth/lives – like attracts like – law of attraction.

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February 25, 2010 at 2:39 am

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