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I have not been writing for a while but now that spring is almost here I will make more of an effort to document progress. The darkness really affects my wellbeing. I have tried to go out 9-12 in the mornings. Apparently, It is supposed to help regulate the circadian rhythms and the internal body clock. I can’t say I have noticed any difference but perhaps I need to go out every day at that time. However, most of the time, my sleep during the night is so restless that I need the morning hours to catch up. I am also working on pushing my lunch nap back to earlier in the morning to merge it with my night sleep. I wish I could sleep soundly for at least one night. It has been a long time now.
I am not sure if I mentioned that my long battle with nicotine is finally over. Last November I quit for good. There is no going back ever and I feel so much better for it. Smoking put unneccessary stresses on my body. It was hard to quit because I had used smoking as one of my many crutches to gain immediate energy for so many years.
Around New Years I decided that I might as well give up drinking too. Not that I drank much anyway but it affected my nervous system quite badly. After a few glasses of wine of beer – the following day I would be really shaky. If I ever feel like I would like a drink (before I start my new medication – if it will be approved by my primary care trust) I think that spirits would be my choice. They contain less toxins than wine and Beer is out of the question since it is made out of wheat. I found out years ago that I have a slight wheat intolerance. I have not really found it difficult to stop – because I get really tired or feel a bit ill after a glass of wine or beer. Socially, it has been ok too but I have started to noticed just much others drink. Then again the UK and London specifically has a very strong alcohol culture with its pubs and traditions.
Two days ago I subsequently decided to cut out wheat from my diet to see if it affected my health. I have spoken to friends who have given it up and researched the topic online and they all agree that you/I will go through a withdrawal period for 3-5 days.
During day 1, I suffered headaches. Day 2, I felt very emotional and I missed my family very much. Today, I went shopping with a friend and the wheat is everywhere. In bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants,,I even smell it in the street. I love wheat, I love baking cakes, European bread, croissants etc. As I am writing this I can imagine the intoxicating smell wandering up my nostrils teasing my brain’s pleasure centres. I miss it but I have found some alternatives that are yummy too. Nairn’s Oat cakes and dark German sunflower seed bread are my favorites at the moment. Hopefully there is life after wheat!

Written by Queen of Sleep

February 25, 2010 at 2:44 am

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